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      Better resampling for non-linear distortions. · 427c02c3
      Jason Davies authored
      I've reinstated the original conditional for linear longitudinal
      interpolation, since the x * x < ε conditional was not tight enough and
      hence caused glitches in projections that include the poles e.g.
      Back to solving the issue that was primarily noticeable in the Albers
      demo: graticules near the poles would not resample correctly. We made an
      assumption that a point mid-way along the connecting great arc is going
      to be approximately mid-way in pixel-space. This is a reasonable
      assumption in most cases, but there is an area of high instability near
      the poles, since a small change in distance could result in a large
      change in longitude, e.g. imagine a great arc going right over a pole,
      so the longitude will change greatly depending on which side of the pole
      you're on.
      So the new fix is to see if the distance in pixel-space hardly changed
      at all, and in this case we attempt to interpolate again, mid-way to the
      new spherical coordinates. I think we can probably improve this even
      further by borrowing methods from standard root-finding techniques e.g.
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