1. 05 Jul, 2013 9 commits
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  6. 30 Jun, 2013 3 commits
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      Test for append(function). · a27d2d36
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      Accept function for selection append and insert. · bef1ccb9
      Mike Bostock authored
      Like selection.select, selection.append and selection.insert can now accept a
      function which returns a node. This makes it slightly easier to append or insert
      elements whose name is computed from data, or to append elements that already
      exist (say from an element pool).
      There has been much discussion regarding whether the function should return the
      name of the element or the element itself. Returning a name is less work for the
      caller, but only supports creating new elements; returning a name is also more
      consistent with how D3 defines attribute values, but D3 does not allow attribute
      names to be specified as functions. So, it seemed better to opt for consistency
      with selection.select and selection.selectAll, which accept functions that
      return elements, since this is more expressive. Of course, you can still use
      select and selectAll to append elements, but using append to do that directly is
      more intuitive.
      Related #4 #311 #724 #732 #734 #961 #1031 #1271.
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  7. 29 Jun, 2013 7 commits
  8. 28 Jun, 2013 2 commits
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      Limit transform interpolation to transition.attr. · a8f2ac2a
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      D3’s transform interpolator is designed for SVG transforms; unlike CSS3
      transforms, SVG transforms do not have units and are limited to 2D. This commit
      limits transform interpolation to transition.attr, so that it only applies to
      SVG transforms and not CSS3 transforms which are assigned via style. Thus, if
      transition.style is used to interpolate the transform style, the default string
      interpolator will now be used.
      Note that string interpolation of CSS3 transforms is still likely to break; you
      should use CSS3 transitions instead. Fixes #1323.
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      Support both open & closed polygons. · fdd6c620
      Mike Bostock authored
      Rather than converting closed polygons to open polygons on input (which could
      potentially be destructive), tweak the polygon methods slightly so that they
      work on either input.
      This commit also changes d3.geom.polygon to use a prototype, much like
      d3.selection, rather than creating every method as a closure. This makes it much
      faster to construct a polygon.
  9. 27 Jun, 2013 2 commits