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Explain why it's not possible to add d3_views integration for raw data.

parent 6fa2e564
......@@ -5,3 +5,16 @@ version = 0.1
dependencies[] = d3-plugins-sankey
dependencies[] = d3.chart
dependencies[] = d3.chart.sankey
; Unfortunately, raw data integration with d3_views is not possible because:
; - the structure of the nodes[] and links[] arrays doesn't really fit with any
; of the `__data_type`s defined in that module - we would need a something
; similar to a '2dnav' mapper, except that we would need to lock down how many
; keys can be used (1 or 2 for nodes[]; 2 or 3 for links[]) and the keys
; themselves ('name', and 'id' for nodes[]; 'value', 'source', and 'target'
; for links[]);
; - we cannot write a replacement mapper for Sankey charts ourselves because
; neither d3_get_library_info_handler() nor \d3_views_plugin_style_d3::init()
; provides us with a way to override the Views plugin for a specific type of
; chart; and;
; - if we override the original d3_views plugins, we will conflict with other
; modules that need to do the same thing.
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