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The former implements the ABM, and computes approximations for the age-structured contact time distributions. The latter package, ZeroWeightedDistributions, implements a helpful type ZWDist{D} representing a random variable of distribution D with added weight at zero.
# Installation
First, clone this repository and open the Julia-1.6 beta in the active directory
git clone
cd covidalertabm
julia -t auto
the `-t auto` option starts Julia with as many threads as you have physical CPU cores. You can pass this option a number if you prefer to use fewer threads.
This should bring you to a julia REPL. Typing `]` at this repl will change your prompt to `pkg>`.
Then add these packages to your main environment:
dev ./CovidAlertVaccinationModel
dev ./ZeroWeightedDistributions
We need to `dev` each of the above packages because they all share one git repo, and Julia's package manager doesn't seem to like that very much. I suppose we could split them into separate repos in the future.
This package currently requires some of the features offered by the 1.7-beta release of julia.
This package only tested on x86-64 Linux. It should work everywhere that Julia does though.
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