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Additional notes

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......@@ -21,6 +21,12 @@ game (black player) (white player) - starts up game
move (initial position) (end position) - move read in with lower-case a-h for x-component and 1-8 for y component. E.g. move a2 a4 is a valid move (needs to be improved for future).
for computer moves will need only 'move' input to initialize move - this was to fulfill assignment guidelines - might change for later
Additional notes:
Pawn promotion: type letter of piece you want after pawn reaches other side
e.g. move a7 a8 q - promotes to queen; can only promote to bishop, rook, queen, and horse
Castling: type king movement to castle
e.g. move e1 g1
setup - enters setup mode
+ (piece name) (position) - adds piece to position e.g. + k a1, + K a1 - lower-case denotes black and upper-case denotes white
- (position) - removes piece at position e.g. - a1
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