Commit 00145a7a authored by Keiko Katsuragawa's avatar Keiko Katsuragawa
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fixed typo

parent 62cd1aa4
......@@ -219,7 +219,7 @@ void initX(int argc, char* argv[], XInfo& xinfo) {
XSetBackground( xinfo.display, xinfo.gc, background );
XSetForeground( xinfo.display, xinfo.gc, foreground );
// Tell the window manager what input events you want.
// Tell the base window system what input events you want.
// ButtomMotionMask: The client application receives MotionNotify events only when at least one button is pressed.
XSelectInput( xinfo.display, xinfo.window,
ButtonPressMask | KeyPressMask | ButtonMotionMask );
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