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This repo contains a CMakeLists.txt for the [SampleEnclave]( code found in the [Linux Intel SGX SDK](
Purpose of SampleEnclave
# Purpose of SampleEnclave
The project demonstrates several fundamental usages of Intel(R) Software Guard
Extensions (Intel(R) SGX) SDK:
- Initializing and destroying an enclave
- Creating ECALLs or OCALLs
- Calling trusted libraries inside the enclave
How to Build/Execute the Sample Code
# How to Build/Execute the Sample Code
1. Install Intel(R) SGX SDK for Linux* OS
2. Make sure your environment is set:
......@@ -45,9 +45,9 @@ How to Build/Execute the Sample Code
$ ./app
6. Remember to ```make clean``` before switching build mode
Explanation about Configuration Parameters
# Explanation about Configuration Parameters
* TCSMaxNum, TCSNum, TCSMinPool
These three parameters will determine whether a thread will be created dynamically when there is no available thread to do the work.
......@@ -68,9 +68,9 @@ HeapMaxSize is the total amount of heap an enclave can use. The gap between Heap
HeapInitSize is here for compatibility.
Sample configuration files for the Sample Enclave
# Sample configuration files for the Sample Enclave
config.01.xml: There is no dynamic thread, no dynamic heap expansion.
config.02.xml: There is no dynamic thread. But dynamic heap expansion can happen.
config.03.xml: There are dynamic threads. For a dynamic thread, there's no stack expansion.
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