Commit a30fbf03 authored by Daniel Vogel's avatar Daniel Vogel
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fixed typo

parent 56f29951
......@@ -197,7 +197,7 @@ void initX(int argc, char *argv[], XInfo &xinfo) {
XSetForeground(xinfo.display, xinfo.gc[i], BlackPixel(xinfo.display, xinfo.screen));
XSetBackground(xinfo.display, xinfo.gc[i], WhitePixel(xinfo.display, xinfo.screen));
XSetFillStyle(xinfo.display, xinfo.gc[i], FillSolid);
XSetLineAttribues(xinfo.display, xinfo.gc[i],
XSetLineAttributes(xinfo.display, xinfo.gc[i],
1, LineSolid, CapButt, JoinRound);
// Reverse Video
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