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Update README for AUTO_CREATE_USER and login failed template

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# UW Django SAML Tools
Provides saml tools for Django, include `uw_saml_tools` in INSTALLED_APPS.
Provides saml tools for Django, include `uw_saml_tools` in `INSTALLED_APPS`.
Requires djangosaml2 (
Requires django-auth-adfs (
# Tools
- Group Membership Sync
- On login, a users groups will be synced based on groups reported by SAML
# Auto Create User
By default, users who successfully authenticate will be created. You can disable this by setting
in your django settings
# Login Failed
If you disable auto creation, users who don't have an account will receive an login error page. If you wish to override this page, you need a template in the following location `<app>/templates/django_auth_adfs/login_failed.html`. Ensure that `<app>` if located ABOVE `django_auth_adfs` in `INSTALLED_APPS`
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