Commit 5356c9b6 authored by Kevin Paxman's avatar Kevin Paxman
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Update changelog for tickets that are only in Jira

parent 2cb7df59
......@@ -58,6 +58,8 @@ Attached RTs:
1075846: Update to views_bulk_operations 7.x-3.6 (ebremner (Eric Bremner))
1075847: Security: Update to i18n 7.x-1.27 (l26yan (Lily Yan))
1075999: Update to userprotect 7.x-1.3 (lkmorlan (Liam Morland))
ISTWCMS-3231: Reduce manual work for support staff when creating non-FDSU sites (lkmorlan (Liam Morland))
ISTWCMS-3909: Security: fix role expiry being settable by site managers for roles they cannot assign
UW Base Profile 7.x-2.8.1
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