Commit 5ac191bd authored by Chris Shantz's avatar Chris Shantz
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Update CHANGELOG.txt with latest tags for 2.7.0, CAS common, dashboard and awards.

parent 51867722
......@@ -19,7 +19,7 @@ Contrib module changes:
- updated Internationalization to 7.x-1.25
- updated Image Field Caption to 7.x-2.3
- updated Job Scheduler to 7.x-2.0
- add Leaflet 7.x-1.4-uw_wcms1
- added Leaflet 7.x-1.4-uw_wcms1
- updated Link to 7.x-1.5
- updated Mailsystem to 7.x-2.35
- updated Metatag to 7.x-1.25
......@@ -34,7 +34,7 @@ Contrib module changes:
- updated Service Views to 7.x-1.3+3-dev-uw_wcms1
- updated Site Test to 7.x-1.5-uw_wcms1
- updated Taxonomy Access Fix 7.x-2.4
- add Term Merge 7.x-1.4-uw_wcms1
- added Term Merge 7.x-1.4-uw_wcms1
- updated UUID to 7.x-1.2
- updated Varnish to 7.x-1.9
- updated Views to 7.x-3.20-uw_wcms1
......@@ -55,11 +55,12 @@ Custom module changes:
- updated uWaterloo OFIS 7.x-1.11
Feature module changes:
- updated CAS Authentication Common to 7.x-1.12
- updated Clone Web Pages Config to 7.x-1.10
- updated Metatag Config to 7.x-1.9
- updated uWaterloo Publication to 7.x-1.13
- updated Academic Calendar to 7.x-1.14
- updated Award to 7.x-2.11
- updated Award to 7.x-2.12
- updated Bibliography to 7.x-2.9
- updated Blog to 7.x-2.25
- updated Custom Listing Page to 7.x-1.25
......@@ -80,7 +81,7 @@ Feature module changes:
- updated Single Page Home to 7.x-1.20
- updated Web Form to 7.x-1.30
- updated Web Page to 7.x-2.10
- updated FDSU Dashboard to 7.x-1.27
- updated FDSU Dashboard to 7.x-1.28
- updated Site Footer to 7.x-3.15
- updated to FDSU Site Controller to 7.x-2.27
- updated to User Management to 7.x-1.14
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