Commit 81a03691 authored by Liam Morland's avatar Liam Morland
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Merge branch 'feature/ISTWCMS-4762-l26yan-Uwaterloo-as-default-color' into '8.x-3.x'

ISTWCMS-4762 Make sure the default color is 'Default[uWaterloo]

See merge request !122
parents f7f67f71 27275c86
......@@ -1210,11 +1210,17 @@ class UwWcmsBasicTest extends BrowserTestBase {
$this->assertEquals('Small highlight', $smallhighlight->getText());
// Test case 2:
// Make sure adding facts and figures block, the config
// block includes 'Small highlight' with value 'small'.
// block includes 'Small highlight' with value 'small',
// the default color is 'Default[uWaterloo]' and not have "none" option.
$this->clickLink('Add block');
$this->clickLink('Facts and figures');
$options = $this->getOptions('settings[block_form][field_uw_ff_fact_figure][0][subform][field_uw_ff_def_color]');
foreach ($options as $option) {
$this->assertNotEqual('- None -', $option);
$this->assertFieldByXPath('//option[@value="org-default" and @selected="selected"]', NULL, 'Default uWaterloo is selected.');
$smallhighlight = $this->assertSession()->optionExists('settings[block_form][field_uw_ff_fact_figure][0][subform][field_uw_fact_figure][0][subform][field_uw_ff_info][0][style]', 'small');
$this->assertEquals('Small highlight', $smallhighlight->getText());
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