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UW Base Profile 7.x-2.9.0
Contrib module changes:
- updated Biblio to 7.x-1.3
- updated CAPTCHA to 7.x-1.7
- updated Colorbox to 7.x-2.15
- updated EU Cookie Compliance to 7.x-1.32
- updated Feeds to 7.x-2.0-beta4-uw_wcms1
- updated FillPDF to 7.x-1.17
- removed Hidden CAPTCHA
- updated Internationalization to 7.x-1.27
- updated Metatag to 7.x-1.27
- updated Node Export to 7.x-3.1-uw_wcms1
- updated Node Revision Delete to 7.x-3.1
- updated Responsive Menu Combined to 7.x-1.x (e432a0f)
- updated Responsive Tables Filter to 7.x-1.x (f225b21)
- updated Role Expire to 7.x-1.2-uw_wcms1
- updated Services to 7.x-3.27
- updated Tablefield to 7.x-3.6
- updated Taxonomy CSV Import/Export to 7.x-5.11
- updated Taxonomy Orphanage to 7.x-1.2
- updated User Protect to 7.x-1.3-uw_wcms1
- updated Views to 7.x-3.24
- updated Views Bulk Operations to 7.x-3.6
- updated Views PHP to 7.x-1.0-alpha3+1-dev-uw_wcms2
- updated Webform to 7.x-4.23
- updated Webform Validation to 7.x-1.17
- updated WYSIWYG A11ychecker to 7.x-1.0
Custom module changes:
- updated CKEditor Social Media to 7.x-1.35
- updated UW Conference Admin to 7.x-1.7
- updated UW Content Type Use to 7.x-1.1
- updated Default Web Pages to 7.x-1.5
- updated Web Form Additional Functionality to 7.x-1.24
- updated uWaterloo Video Embed to 7.x-1.18
Feature module changes:
- updated uWaterloo CAPTCHA to 7.x-2.6
- updated Conference Config to 7.x-1.7
- added uWaterloo Single Page 7.x-1.0
- updated Bibliography to 7.x-2.15
- updated Blog to 7.x-2.30
- updated Catalog to 7.x-1.4
- updated Embedded Call to Action to 7.x-1.32
- updated Embedded Facts and Figures to 7.x-1.43
- updated Embedded Timeline to 7.x-1.21
- updated Event to 7.x-2.40
- updated Image Gallery to 7.x-2.21
- updated News Item to 7.x-2.26
- updated Opportunities to 7.x-2.13
- updated Service to 7.x-2.28
- updated Single Page Home to 7.x-1.29
- updated Global Footer to 7.x-1.25
- updated Site Footer to 7.x-4.1
- updated FDSU Site Controller to 7.x-2.42
- updated uWaterloo Value Lists to 7.x-1.12
Themes changes:
- updated uWaterloo Core Theme to 7.x-1.35
- updated uWaterloo FDSU Theme to 7.x-3.6
- updated uWaterloo FDSU Theme Responsive to 7.x-1.50
- updated uWaterloo Conference Theme to 7.x-1.12
- updated uWaterloo Single Page Theme to 7.x-1.45
- updated uWaterloo Publication Theme to 7.x-2.4
Library changes:
- updated iCalcreator to 2.20.4
- updated Spyc to 0.6.3
Attached RTs:
937280: WCMS performance on Safari (m26lebla (Martin Leblanc))
972091: A11y issues in uw_ct_service (lkmorlan (Liam Morland))
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