Commit 9a13dd93 authored by kpaxman's avatar kpaxman
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Updated uWaterloo WYSIWYG CKEditor to 7.x-2.2

parent 9a9b3a05
......@@ -48,6 +48,7 @@ UW Base Profile 7.x-1.4
#225508 by kolafson: Update module to 7.x-1.0-beta2 - now has native features support ( for release notes)
#225513 by temiller: Enable content locking so two users can't edit the same content at one time
#214118 by temiller: Users should be able to check their sites for broken links with an automated process
#225355 by kpaxman: Add "width" to list of attributes allowed on "td" and "th" tags
......@@ -833,10 +833,10 @@ projects[uw_wb_config][download][type] = "svn"
projects[uw_wb_config][download][url] = ""
projects[uw_wb_config][subdir] = "features"
; uWaterloo WYSIWYG CKEditor 7.x-2.1
; uWaterloo WYSIWYG CKEditor 7.x-2.2
projects[uw_wysiwyg_ckeditor][type] = "module"
projects[uw_wysiwyg_ckeditor][download][type] = "svn"
projects[uw_wysiwyg_ckeditor][download][url] = ""
projects[uw_wysiwyg_ckeditor][download][url] = ""
projects[uw_wysiwyg_ckeditor][subdir] = "features"
; uWaterloo XML Sitemap Config 7.x-1.1
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