Commit a54f4224 authored by Kevin Paxman's avatar Kevin Paxman
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Added late ticket to changelog (module was retagged, so no other changes)

parent 02b78b80
......@@ -49,6 +49,7 @@ Attached RTs:
463178: Allow bibliography content type to use moderation states (l26yan (Lily Yan))
463655: Update "support Waterloo" link in global header (mnshantz (Chris Shantz))
463786: Awards breadcrumb should not be hardcoded to "/undergraduate-awards" (l26yan (Lily Yan))
464287: Image galleries broken? (ebremner (Eric Bremner))
465210: Service links (social media sharing buttons) do not look the same on all pages (kpaxman (Kevin Paxman))
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