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In order to retrieve all the files required for the install, the script requires the installation of Drush (, Drush Make ( and Subversion (SVN).
Drush Make may work from several locations. One good place to save it is in a hidden .drush folder in your home folder. Ex. ~/.drush/drush_make/<files go here>
Finally, a database installation is also required. mySQL is recommended, and the install profile has been tested on 5.5.16.
To get things started, the profile files should be copied to "drupal/profiles/uw_base_profile".
Then run "./" to pull down all the required themes, modules, features and libraries.
After that is complete, start a drupal site installation process (http://<your drupal site address>/install.php)
If the profile is sitting in the correct folder, you should see "uWaterloo Base Profile" in addition to the usual Standard and Minimal installation profiles. Select that and press the "Save and continue" button.
On the next page (Choose language), select English and continue.
Once that is complete, you will be at the "Configure site" page. This is the standard Drupal site configuration page; enter the information and continue. Please note that you are creating a admin local user for this point and not a CAS user. Press "Save and continue".
On the next page "Optionally enable a site controller", you will probably want to select the FDSU configuration (unless you want to turn on all the components individually).
Next is the "Enable features" page. Here you can enable the content types you want to use on your site. The web page content type is turned on by default. Additionally, you can enable modules that help with development here. Please do not enable these modules on a production site.
Finally, you can choose to have some basic pages created for you. The last stage can take several minutes to complete.
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