Commit ab0a0e7b authored by Eric Bremner's avatar Eric Bremner
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ISTWCMS-3452: fixing more symbolic links are removing references to uw_wcms_pattern_lab

parent dce12f35
......@@ -30,6 +30,6 @@ if [ -d "$fdsu_theme_resp_path/source" ]; then
cd "$fdsu_theme_resp_path"
echo "Creating symbolic link to source directory ..."
ln -s "$uw_wcms_gesso_root_path/uw_wcms_gesso/source" "source"
ln -s "$uw_wcms_gesso_root_path/uw_wcms_gesso/source" source
echo "Done Creating symbolic link to source directory."
echo "Done adding symbolic links inside theme directory."
......@@ -38,11 +38,11 @@ cd themes/uw_fdsu_theme_resp/
echo "Re-add Adding symbolic links..."
ln --force --symbolic "$pattern_lab_root_path/uw_wcms_pattern_lab"
ln --force --symbolic "$pattern_lab_root_path/uw_wcms_gesso" uw_wcms_gesso
# Symbolic link need to components because the module Unified Twig Extensions
# needs to extend twig and can only read theme/*/_twig_component directories
ln --force --symbolic "$pattern_lab_root_path/uw_wcms_pattern_lab/components"
ln --force --symbolic "$pattern_lab_root_path/uw_wcms_gesso/source" source
# Add symbolic link for the libraries folder so we can have it in our base profile instead
ln --no-dereference --force --symbolic profiles/uw_base_profile/libraries "$drupal_core_path/libraries"
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