Commit f14e29a8 authored by Igor Biki's avatar Igor Biki
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ISTWCMS-4221: Fix for when Drupal is not installed in subfolder (e.g. /fdsu1).

parent aa771c50
......@@ -736,6 +736,12 @@ class UwWcmsBasicTest extends BrowserTestBase {
// Get the path.
global $base_url;
$base_url_parts = parse_url($base_url);
// If Drupal is installed in the root, not subfolder like /fsdu1.
if (!isset($base_url_parts['path'])) {
$base_url_parts['path'] = '';
// Check content management menu links.
$content_links = [
$base_url_parts['path'] . '/admin/structure/types' => 'Content types',
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