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......@@ -2,6 +2,101 @@ CHANGELOG for UW Base Profile for Drupal 7
Ticket numbers are for UW RT tickets
UW Base Profile 7.x-1.12.6
Custom module changes:
- updated CKEditor Social Media to 7.x-1.15
- updated Global Footer to 7.x-1.17
- updated uWaterloo Tableau Field to 7.x-1.2
Features module changes:
- updated CKEditor Config to 7.x-2.35
Attached RTs:
513722: WCMS Footer question - images (kpaxman (Kevin Paxman))
515379: WCMS - remove toolbar from Tableau embed (kpaxman (Kevin Paxman))
UW Base Profile 7.x-1.12.5
Custom module changes:
- added CKEditor Embedded Maps 7.x-1.0
Features module changes:
- updated CKEditor Config to 7.x-2.34
- updated uWaterloo Publication Configuration to 7.x-1.6
- updated Web Form to 7.x-1.21
Theme changes:
- updated uWaterloo Core Theme (base) to 7.x-1.28
- updated uWaterloo Publication to 7.x-1.8
Attached RTs:
465424: Adjust PDF filling permissions (lkmorlan (Liam Morland))
482730: Responsive theme - disable comments on web forms (lkmorlan (Liam Morland))
511002: [publication] Listing image for nested article - 404 bug fix (m26lebla (Martin LeBlanc))
511077: style sheet on publications theme (m26lebla (Martin LeBlanc))
511711: Publications: images are not responsive in Firefox on non-wide pages (m26lebla (Martin LeBlanc))
512186: [publication] Add testimonies promo item to publications and magazine (m26lebla (Martin LeBlanc))
512187: [publication] various css discrepencies (m26lebla (Martin LeBlanc))
512189: [publication] wide/not wide - promo item sidebar not displaying properly (m26lebla (Martin LeBlanc))
513260: [publication] featured image css on mobile device (m26lebla (Martin LeBlanc))
513263: [publication] the h1 on term , webpage, and archives was under nav header in mobile (m26lebla (Martin LeBlanc))
513269: [publication] magazine- sub navigation (bottom set) on pub article page (m26lebla (Martin LeBlanc))
513272: Add "admissions" to non-responsive global header (kpaxman (Kevin Paxman))
UW Base Profile 7.x-1.12.4
Contrib module changes:
- updated Taxonomy Menu Form to 7.x-1.1-uw_wcms2
- updated Redirect to 7.x-1.0-rc3-uw_wcms2
Custom module changes:
- added uWaterloo Page Settings 7.x-1.2
- updated uWaterloo RESTful Publication [Publication] to 7.x-1.5
Features module changes:
- updated Award to 7.x-1.11
- updated CKEditor Config to 7.x-2.33
- updated Contact to 7.x-1.35
- added Embedded Facts & Figures 7.x-1.4
- updated Opportunities to 7.x-1.4
- updated Promotional Item to 7.x-1.29
- updated Publication Configuration to 7.x-1.5
- updated Redirect Config to 7.x-1.10
- updated UWaterloo Theme Vocabulary [Publication] to 7.x-1.2
- updated Workbench Config to 7.x-1.32
Themes changes:
- updated uWaterloo Decoupled Front-end Theme [Publication] to 7.x-1.3
- updated uWaterloo Publication Theme to 7.x-1.4
Libraries changes:
- updated CKEditor to 4.5.6
- updated CKEditor CodeMirror Plugin to 457d266f
Attached RTs:
450631: Fix taxonomy permissions for all sites (tstruyk (Tyler Struyk))
450697: [Publication] Nested publication articles need management page in Create/Manage content (tstruyk (Tyler Struyk))
450704: [Publication] Nested publication articles "Publishing options" as hidden by overlay on edit page (tstruyk (Tyler Struyk))
456284: [Publications] Error - array_flip(): Can only flip STRING.... (tstruyk (Tyler Struyk))
465771: [Publication] - broken in master because of field_wide (tstruyk (Tyler Struyk))
466871: [Publications] Logo disappears after some time (kpaxman (Kevin Paxman))
468525: Publications: URLs that should 404 instead show large white space (ebremner (Eric Bremner))
470840: [publications] Pub sites create title tag from the wrong source (tstruyk (Tyler Struyk))
477553: WCMS - changes to opportunities content type feature (mnshantz (Chris Shantz))
481905: 1.12.3 release of WCMS code (kpaxman (Kevin Paxman))
486188: [Publications]: error message on 'Rearrange publication article' page (tstruyk (Tyler Struyk))
487946: Unpublished promotional item appearing on webpages (kpaxman (Kevin Paxman))
498096: Allowed file types in PUBS + magazine (tstruyk (Tyler Struyk))
502107: UG database - award report - add two new items (l26yan (Lily Yan))
503783: award report missing grad program and need to change csv file name (l26yan (Lily Yan))
507117: [Publications] Nested articles not working on the front-end (tstruyk (Tyler Struyk))
508916: [Publications] Make it easier for Content Maintainers to get to Workbench. (kpaxman (Kevin Paxman))
509211: [Publications] Change LOGIN link to LOG IN to match other sites (kpaxman (Kevin Paxman))
509474: add to WCMS addition of services to uw_ct_contact to 1.12.4 (kpaxman (Kevin Paxman))
UW Base Profile 7.x-1.12.3
Features module changes:
- updated Assign WCMS Groups from Active Directory to 7.x-1.14
Settings changes:
- added a setting for the group that defines administrators
Attached RTs:
UW Base Profile 7.x-1.12.2
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