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Update CHANGELOG.txt with module changes.

parent a8fde1a5
......@@ -65,6 +65,7 @@ Contrib module changes:
- updated Views Field View to 7.x-1.2
- updated Views PHP to 7.x-1.0-alpha3
- updated Views Raw SQL to 7.x-1.0
- updated Views Rename to 7.x-1.4
- updated Webform to 7.x-4.13
- updated Webform Validation to 7.x-1.11
- updated Workbench Moderation to 7.x-1.4-uw_wcms3
......@@ -84,7 +85,7 @@ Custom module changes:
- updated CKEditor Embedded Maps to 7.x-1.3
- updated Clear Cache Block to 7.x-1.6
- updated Default Audience Categories to 7.x-1.5
- removed Default Event Types
- updated Default Event Types to 7.x-1.2
- updated Default Feature Story Categories to 7.x-1.5
- updated Default Profile Categories to 7.x-1.3
- updated Default Web Pages and site IA to 7.x-1.4
......@@ -113,17 +114,17 @@ Features Module changes:
- updated Clone Web Pages Config to 7.x-1.8
- removed Content Lock Config
- updated Devel Config to 7.x-1.4
- Google Analytics Config to 7.x-1.10
- removed Link Checker Config
- Social Media Sharing Config to 7.x-1.3
- updated Google Analytics Config to 7.x-1.10
- updated Link Checker Config to 1.7
- updated Social Media Sharing Config to 7.x-1.3
- removed Menu Pathauto Fix Config
- removed More Buttons Config
- removed Page Title Config
- updated More Buttons Config to 7.x-1.4
- updated Page Title Config to 7.x-1.4
- updated Redirect Config to 7.x-1.10
- updated Responsive config to 7.x-1.2
- removed Search Autocomplete Config
- removed Social Media Block Config
- updated Award to 7.x-2.0
- updated Social Media Block Config to 7.x-1.2
- updated Award to 7.x-2.1
- updated Bibliography to 7.x-2.1
- updated Blog to 7.x-2.7
- updated Contact to 7.x-2.2
......@@ -133,10 +134,10 @@ Features Module changes:
- updated Embedded Timeline to 7.x-1.7
- updated Event to 7.x-2.7
- updated Homepage Banner to 7.x-2.3
- update Image Gallery to 7.x-2.3
- updated Image Gallery to 7.x-2.3
- updated News Item to 7.x-2.7
- updated Opportunities to 7.x-2.0
- updated Person Profile to 7.x-2.2
- updated Person Profile to 7.x-2.5
- updated Project to 7.x-1.23
- updated Promotional Item to 7.x-2.1
- updated uWaterloo Publication to 7.x-1.6
......@@ -149,8 +150,9 @@ Features Module changes:
- updated Main Homepage Events Feed to 7.x-1.4
- updated Web Resources News Feed to 7.x-1.7
- updated uWaterloo Gmap Config to 7.x-1.7
- removed uWaterloo IMCE Config
- updated uWaterloo IMCE Config to 7.x-1.8
- updated uWaterloo Less Transliteration to 7.x-1.1
- updated uWaterloo MathJax Config to 7.x-1.1
- updated Audience Menu to 7.x-1.4
- updated Global Footer to 7.x-1.19
- updated Global Header to 7.x-1.8
......@@ -158,7 +160,7 @@ Features Module changes:
- updated Menu Operations Permission Config to 7.x-1.3
- updated Site Footer to 7.x-3.5
- updated FDSU Roles to 7.x-1.13
- updated FDSU Site Controller to 7.x-2.4
- updated FDSU Site Controller to 7.x-2.6
- updated User Management to 7.x-1.10
- updated uWaterloo Value Lists to 7.x-1.6
- updated Audience Vocabulary to 7.x-1.10
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