Commit 077a00cd authored by tbunyado's avatar tbunyado
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RT#745613 Bug report: H1 and H2 rendering same on event previews

This fixes the event teaser template file using __uw_fdsu_adjust_headers function in uw_site_fdsu module
parent e47f8a30
......@@ -92,5 +92,4 @@
print render($content['title_field']);
print render($content['field_event_image']);
print $content['body_to_display'];
print __uw_fdsu_adjust_headers($content['body_to_display']);
......@@ -161,3 +161,8 @@ features_exclude[field][node-uw_event-field_image] = node-uw_event-field_image
features_exclude[field_base][field_event_affiliation] = field_event_affiliation
features_exclude[field_instance][node-uw_event-field_event_affiliation] = node-uw_event-field_event_affiliation
features_exclude[taxonomy][uw_event_affiliation] = uw_event_affiliation
; Information added by drush on 2017-11-20
version = "7.x-2.19+0-dev"
project = "uw_ct_event"
datestamp = "1511195304"
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