Commit 0e4f3401 authored by Chris Shantz's avatar Chris Shantz Committed by Chris Shantz
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Update with merge uw_event_tags terms to stop feature override.

parent 5e15dd3d
......@@ -100,6 +100,7 @@ features[user_permission][] = delete own uw_event content
features[user_permission][] = edit any uw_event content
features[user_permission][] = edit own uw_event content
features[user_permission][] = enter uw_event revision log entry
features[user_permission][] = merge uw_event_tags terms
features[user_permission][] = override uw_event authored by option
features[user_permission][] = override uw_event authored on option
features[user_permission][] = override uw_event promote to front page option
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