Commit c713ccb5 authored by Lily Yan's avatar Lily Yan
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ISTWCMS-51 Clean up hook_enable and remove the code related to enable the content type.

parent eef2ae11
......@@ -48,18 +48,6 @@ function uw_ct_event_disable() {
function uw_ct_event_enable() {
watchdog('uw_ct_event', 'enable function executing');
//enable both content types now that the feature is being enabled
'module' => 'uw_ct_event',
'custom' => 0,
'modified' => 0,
'locked' => 1,
'disabled' => 0,
->condition('type', 'uw_event', '=')
//enable the views
$views_status = variable_get('views_defaults', array()); //read in any existing disabled views
unset($views_status['event_type_block']); //remove ours from the list
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