Commit daceacc6 authored by Lily Yan's avatar Lily Yan
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ISTWCMS-2345 Using ->info instead of ->subject due to ->subject show nothing

parent b53062b5
......@@ -56,9 +56,9 @@ if ($current_theme == 'uw_fdsu_theme_resp') {
<div id="<?php print $block_html_id; ?>" class="block-events block-list"<?php print $attributes; ?>>
<?php if ($block->subject): ?>
<?php if ($block->info): ?>
<?php print render($title_prefix); ?>
<h2 class="<?php print $class_tab_link; ?>" <?php print $attrib_block_tab; ?><?php print $title_attributes; ?>><?php print $block->subject ?></h2>
<h2 class="<?php print $class_tab_link; ?>" <?php print $attrib_block_tab; ?><?php print $title_attributes; ?>><?php print $block->info ?></h2>
<?php print render($title_suffix); ?>
<?php endif;?>
<div id="<?php print $id_event; ?>" class="<?php print $class_item_class; ?>"><?php print $content ?></div>
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