Commit 664b9d09 authored by Liam Morland's avatar Liam Morland
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Merge branch 'feature/ISTWCMS-5299-l26yan-Add-opportunity-content-type-to-the-sitemap' into '1.0.x'

ISTWCMS-5299 Add opportunity content type to the sitemap

See merge request !13
parents 78a6390d 07892fe9
index: true
priority: '0.5'
changefreq: monthly
include_images: false
......@@ -27,6 +27,7 @@ dependencies:
- 'metatag:metatag'
- 'node_revision_delete:node_revision_delete'
- 'require_on_publish:require_on_publish'
- 'simple_sitemap:simple_sitemap'
- 'smart_date:smart_date'
- 'uw_cfg_common:uw_cfg_common'
- 'uw_media:uw_media'
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