Commit 10d53e49 authored by Igor Biki's avatar Igor Biki
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Merge branch 'feature/ISTWCMS-4793-ISTWCMS-4794-l26yan-Add-listing-page-for-contacts-and-profiles-with-filters' into '8.x-1.x'

Feature/istwcms 4793 istwcms 4794 l26yan add listing page for contacts and profiles with filters

See merge request !8
parents eeeca9c4 cb103fce
...@@ -16,36 +16,59 @@ dependencies: ...@@ -16,36 +16,59 @@ dependencies:
- field.field.node.uw_ct_profile.field_uw_meta_tags - field.field.node.uw_ct_profile.field_uw_meta_tags
- field.field.node.uw_ct_profile.field_uw_profile_summary - field.field.node.uw_ct_profile.field_uw_profile_summary
- field.field.node.uw_ct_profile.layout_builder__layout - field.field.node.uw_ct_profile.layout_builder__layout
- node.type.uw_ct_profile - node.type.uw_ct_profile
module: module:
- fences
- media
- user - user
id: node.uw_ct_profile.teaser id: node.uw_ct_profile.teaser
targetEntityType: node targetEntityType: node
bundle: uw_ct_profile bundle: uw_ct_profile
mode: teaser mode: teaser
content: content:
content_moderation_control: field_uw_ct_profile_image:
weight: -20 type: media_thumbnail
settings: { } weight: 0
region: content
label: hidden
image_style: thumbnail
image_link: ''
fences_field_tag: div
fences_field_classes: ''
fences_field_item_tag: div
fences_field_item_classes: ''
fences_label_tag: div
fences_label_classes: ''
type: string
weight: 1
region: content
label: hidden
link_to_entity: false
third_party_settings: { } third_party_settings: { }
type: basic_string
weight: 2
region: content region: content
links: label: inline
weight: 100
settings: { } settings: { }
third_party_settings: { } third_party_settings: { }
region: content
hidden: hidden:
content_moderation_control: true
field_uw_ct_profile_affiliation: true field_uw_ct_profile_affiliation: true
field_uw_ct_profile_contact: true field_uw_ct_profile_contact: true
field_uw_ct_profile_image: true
field_uw_ct_profile_info_link: true field_uw_ct_profile_info_link: true
field_uw_ct_profile_link_persona: true field_uw_ct_profile_link_persona: true
field_uw_ct_profile_sort_name: true field_uw_ct_profile_sort_name: true
field_uw_ct_profile_title: true
field_uw_ct_profile_type: true field_uw_ct_profile_type: true
field_uw_meta_description: true
field_uw_meta_image: true field_uw_meta_image: true
field_uw_meta_tags: true field_uw_meta_tags: true
field_uw_profile_summary: true field_uw_profile_summary: true
langcode: true langcode: true
layout_builder__layout: true layout_builder__layout: true
links: true
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