Commit 7da732df authored by Igor Biki's avatar Igor Biki Committed by Chris Shantz
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Adding all missing permissions to e/c group.

parent 4afe9751
......@@ -723,7 +723,13 @@ function uw_sites_all_update_9113(&$sandbox) {
'create uw_ct_expand_collapse_group content',
'edit own uw_ct_expand_collapse_group content',
'edit any uw_ct_expand_collapse_group content',
// 'clone uw_ct_expand_collapse_group content',
'configure editable uw_ct_expand_collapse_group node layout overrides',
'revert uw_ct_expand_collapse_group revisions',
'view uw_ct_expand_collapse_group revisions',
'enter uw_ct_expand_collapse_group revision log entry',
'override uw_ct_expand_collapse_group published option',
'override uw_ct_expand_collapse_group revision option',
'override uw_ct_expand_collapse_group sticky option',
$only_site_manager_permissions = [
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