Commit 9f9c2b7a authored by Tyler Struyk's avatar Tyler Struyk
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ISTWCMS-3030: Add simplesamlphp dependency modules and settings.

parent f8f68046
langcode: en
activate: false
mail_attr: ''
unique_id: SAM-Account-Name
user_name: SAM-Account-Name
auth_source: uwaterloo-sp
login_link_show: true
login_link_display_name: 'uWaterloo ADFS login'
header_no_cache: false
population: 'administrator:,~=,ist-WCMS Admins'
eval_every_time: true
register_users: true
set_drupal_pwd: true
default_login: true
default_login_roles: { }
default_login_users: '1'
logout_goto_url: null
user_register_original: visitors
mail: true
user_name: true
autoenablesaml: true
debug: false
secure: true
httponly: false
......@@ -92,6 +92,8 @@ dependencies:
- search
- serialization
- shortcut
- simplesamlphp_auth
- simplesamlphp_custom_attributes
- simplify_menu
- sophron
- system
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