Commit 493e1438 authored by Tyler Struyk's avatar Tyler Struyk

ISTWCMS-3754: Fix form and email subscription

parent 5167263a
<div id="uw-mailmain-{{ uniqueid }}" class="uw-mailman"> <div id="uw-mailman-{{ uniqueid }}" class="uw-mailman">
<form action="//{{ mailman.server }}/mailman/subscribe/{{ mailman.servername }}"> <form action="//{{ mailman.server }}/mailman/subscribe/{{ mailman.servername }}">
<div class="uw-mailmain__label"> <div class="uw-mailman__label">
<label for="uw-mailmain__input-{{ mailman.uniqueid }}" class="uw-mailman__label--email">Email address:</label> <label for="uw-mailman__input-{{ mailman.uniqueid }}" class="uw-mailman__label--email">Email address:</label>
</div> </div>
<div class="uw-mailmain__email"> <div class="uw-mailman__email">
{% include '@base/02-html-elements/27-input/input.twig' with { {% include '@base/02-html-elements/27-input/input.twig' with {
'type': 'email', 'type': 'email',
'name': 'uw-mailmain-email', 'name': 'email',
'id': 'uw-mailmain__input-' ~ mailman.uniqueid 'id': 'uw-mailman__input-' ~ mailman.uniqueid
} %} } %}
{% include '@base/02-html-elements/27-input/input--submit.twig' with { {% include '@base/02-html-elements/27-input/input--submit.twig' with {
'type': 'submit', 'type': 'submit',
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