Commit 3546060f authored by Chris Shantz's avatar Chris Shantz

Update with latest version of drupal8.

parent 878e6823
......@@ -7,7 +7,7 @@ START=$(date +%s)
#rm -rf /var/www/drupal8alt/*
## Download Drupal and then cp it to the drupal7alt folder
drush dl -v -d drupal-8.7.4 --destination="/var/www" --drupal-project-rename="drupal8" -y
drush dl -v -d drupal-8.7.6 --destination="/var/www" --drupal-project-rename="drupal8" -y
cp -r /var/www/drupal8/. /var/www/drupal8alt
# Clone our WCMS profile
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