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Update with text about updating docker-sync after Mac OSX upgrade.

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......@@ -253,3 +253,10 @@ Then, in the Top right corner you will see:
You will need to create a PHP Remote Debug profile (from the template) and name it something simple, such as 'xdebug' or "WCMS xdebug'.
To start listening, enable the IDE to listen to the port, set breakpoints and run the 'xdebug' profile debug.
## OSX upgrade issue
**Note** After upgrading to the lastest version of OSX (in this case Catalina) if you already have docker-sync installed you may need to reinstall it and upgrade Xcode.
`sudo gem install docker-sync`
`sudo xcode-select --install`
You will need to accept the License for Xcode before it will install.
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