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Issue #1132842 by new2lw, wbobeirne, tekante: Correction to fatal error in plugin
Issue #1587444 by jamsilver: Fixed Menu set active trail 'hack' breaks menu_position() module in Drupal 7.14
Issue #1169264 by dalin: System main block does not respect context assigned weight when block module is enabled. Fix makes context block reaction honor weight settings of blocks already present in region when adding blocks.
Issue #1320864 by oskarrough and webflo: Context not respecting block language
Issue #1416260 by majorbenks, wbobeirne: Problem with context-filter - updated documentation to clarify capabilities of context filter.
Issue #1267958 by james.williams: Context condition for user registration form doesn't fire
Issue #1401964 by mrfelton: Empty blocks are always show to admins when using the context inline editor
Issue #1302376 by twistor: context_condition_path compares 2 copies of $_GET['q'] regardless of alias.
Issue #1302388 settings_form() broken for condition plugins
Issue #1056434 by Ryan Palmer: static $condition_map not properly initialized, cache performance hit
Issue #1335928 by dtarc: $form['#attributes']['class'] should be array in context_ui_editor form
Issue #1143392 by drupalchick, juampy, nedjo: multiple "show row weights" toggles
Issue #1267372 by drasgardian, k4v, bojanz: node taxonomy condition failing on translated or multilanguage site
Issue #1128528 by Sutharsan, sanduhrs: Undefined function context_load() during update Issue #1270730 by SangersDrupalDude, mrfelton: Fatal error: Call to undefined function context_load()