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William Xu requested to merge c2xu/SPINS_main:william into master

The new wave_reader can output the u profiles near the surface (u_top) and bottom (u_bottom) more frequently than the full fields, with a plot interval specified by plot_interval_1d in spins.conf. Note that plot_interval_1d must be divisible by plot_interval. The output files u_top and u_bottom are written onto the disk at the same frequency as the full fields (specified by plot_interval), but they contain data (with an output frequency specified by plot_interval_1d) between the current and previous plot time of the full fields.

If plot_interval_1d is not set (e.g. for no-slip top and bottom boundary conditions), then everything works as before.

Other changes include adding the output of v-field when rotation is present (poincare waves), changing multiplicative white noise to additive white noise, and fixing a small bug for initialization of 3D flow fields.

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