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    Applied patch from http://rt3.fsck.com/Ticket/Display.html?id=7051 · 96411640
    Ruslan Zakirov authored
    all rejections were skipped.
    Rework RT configs handling
    r1064@cubic-pc: cubic | 2005-09-30 23:03:19 +0400
    load main config before site's
    load main config from local/etc or from etc
    set values unconditionaly
    TODO: facility for loading extensions configs
    TODO: load site config from local/et too
    r1066@cubic-pc: cubic | 2005-10-03 13:56:01 +0400
    LoadConfig now searches in local/etc too
    search extensions's configs by mask *_Config.pm,
    for example RTIR_Config.pm or RTFM_Config.pm.
    for each "main"(default) config tries to load "site"
    config, skip if couldn't find such, on other errors dies.
    add local function that finds global's name by ref in name table
    local Set function now checks several conditions(below),
    all this situations lead to warnings output to the STDERR
    if ENV{RT_DEBUG} is true.
    "main" config override option that was set by other
    "main" config, so we can catch situations when extension's
    config overlaps with RT or other extension configs.
    "site" config set option that hasn't been set yet, so we could
    analize situations when user's "site" configs have typos.
    "site" config set option that was defined not in
    its "main" config.
    r1082@cubic-pc: cubic | 2005-10-05 21:11:03 +0400
    config handling via RT::Config class
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