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    in case $Query already includes $BaseQuery · 7f997dd6
    sunnavy authored
    here is the old code:
    $BaseQuery ||= RT::IR->Query( Queue => $Queue );
    $Query     ||= RT::IR->ActiveQuery( Queue => $Queue );
    if both $BaseQuery and $Query are empty before, they will be set to
    RT::IR->Query(...) and RT::IR->ActiveQuery(...) here, respectively.
    but ->ActiveQuery already includes ->Query, so the finaly query will be for
    example(combined by BaseQuery AND Query):
    ( ( Queue = 'Incidents' ) ) AND ( ( Queue = 'Incidents' ) AND Status = 'open' )
    so we don't need to set $BaseQuery in this case.
    you can reproduce it by accessing "/RTIR/Search/Results.html?Queue=Incidents"
    and then clicking the "Edit Search" menu