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    Initial commit · 58fbdb5d
    Christopher Subich authored
    This is the initial commit of SPINS to a git repository, coming from
    an essentially unmanaged environment.  While this is a *complete*
    archive, this is probably not the most useful form for development
    going forward.  Notably, the future management should be:
    1) Pare down the case files
    2) Establish branches for individual users.  Not as a long-term goal,
       but instead to keep user-specific case files from lingering in
       the main repository long after their use is obsolete.
    2b) Establish semipermanent branches for typical users.  A release
       branch should include the basic documentation cases, a benchmark
       case should include benchmarking cases, and there are probably
       others that aren't coming to mind now.
    3) Add helpful MATLAB processing scripts to the repository.  Too
       much of that is ad-hoc now, completely unmanaged.
    4) For papers/etc, establish tagged versions.