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readme updates so HR ppl know what this does

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......@@ -227,6 +227,9 @@ function assemble_graph!(g,weights_dict,index_vectors,mixing_matrix,sampler_matr
# fast chung-lu algorithm for bipartite graphs from
# Aksoy, Sinan G., Tamara G. Kolda, and Ali Pinar. "Measuring and modeling bipartite graphs with community structure." Journal of Complex Networks 5.4 (2017): 581-603.
function fast_chung_lu_bipartite(degrees_ij,degrees_ji,index_vectors_i,index_vectors_j)
m = sum(degrees_ij)
@assert m == sum(degrees_ji)
# CovidAlertVaccinationModel
This a WIP.
This is an agent-based model for a work-in-progress paper. It simulates an influenza outbreak on a random, time-dependent disease-behavior network. The network structure is obtained from data.
This repo contains two packages:
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