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    Update tested versions in READMEs (#24895) · c0359702
    Eliah Kagan authored
    * Update supported Python and PyTorch versions in readme
    * Update Python, etc. versions in non-English readmes
    These were more out of date than in the English readme. This
    updates all the versions the readmes claim the repository is tested
    with to the same versions stated in the English readme.
    Those versions are current at least in the case of the Python and
    PyTorch versions (and less out of date for the others).
    * Propagate trailing whitespace fix to model list
    This runs "make fix-copies". The only change is the removal of
    whitespace. No actual information or wording is changed.
    * Update tested TensorFlow to 2.6 in all readmes
    Per pinning in
    Unlike Python and PyTorch, the minimum supported TensorFlow version
    has not very recently changed, but old versions were listed in all