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    Refactor Science.cpp to split functions into separate files. · dffa6f21
    Benjamin Storer authored
    === Science ===
    The directory Science/ now contains files corresponding to
    the various functions in the now-removed Science.cpp.
    Filenames correspond directly with the function name, and each
    file contains only one functions, with a few notable exceptions.
     - Science/get_quads.cpp contains get_quads_x, get_quads_y, and get_quads_z
     - Science/compute_background_PE contains the helper function
    The global variables _quadw_x, _quadw_y, and _quadw_z are declared as
    extern in Science.hpp and declared in Science/compute_quadweights.cpp
    === Makefile ===
    The Makefile has been modified accordingly. It now automatically detects
    all Science/*.cpp files and includes them in the compile recipe.
    The Makefile has also been tidied up a little bit by defining a variable
    SPINS_BASE which points to the core files.