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ISTWCMS-4712: adjust view to provide desired features, ready for theming

Please review that wording, ordering, and functionality is consistent with the screen shots in the ticket (unless there is an obvious error in the screen shot, in which case this should be "correct" despite the error in the screen shot, and let me know so I update it), and double-check overall that things are consistent between the content types (e.g. I haven't put things in different orders on different types, and I'm not phrasing things differently in different content types, other than the obvious content-type-specific changes.)

It is important to note that no theming has been done to attempt to make the filters look like the screenshots - that will be a follow-up ticket. (This, for example, is why there is no heading on the exposed filters, and why they're on the top and not the side.)

To test, you will need the "feature/ISTWCMS-4712-kpaxman-better_filters" branch from:


You will also need to update this contrib module:

better_exposed_filters, the 8.x-5.x branch with this patch:

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