Commit 82b9028e authored by Kevin Paxman's avatar Kevin Paxman Committed by Lily Yan
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ISTWCMS-4107: update/fix some metatags

parent 2ddc82e2
...@@ -266,12 +266,12 @@ display: ...@@ -266,12 +266,12 @@ display:
title: '[current-page:title] | [site:name]' title: '[current-page:title] | [site:name]'
description: 'Listing the profiles on the [site:name] site.' description: 'Listing the profiles on the [site:name] site.'
canonical_url: '[current-page:url:absolute]' canonical_url: '[current-page:url:absolute]'
content_language: en content_language: en-CA
og_url: '[view:url]'
image_src: '' image_src: ''
og_title: '[current-page:url:absolute]' og_url: '[current-page:url:absolute]'
og_title: '[current-page:metatag:title]'
og_description: '[current-page:metatag:description]' og_description: '[current-page:metatag:description]'
og_image: '' og_image: '[current-page:metatag:image_src]'
og_locale: en_CA og_locale: en_CA
twitter_cards_type: summary_large_image twitter_cards_type: summary_large_image
path: profiles path: profiles
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