Commit 2913057d authored by Kevin Paxman's avatar Kevin Paxman Committed by Kevin Paxman
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ISTWCMS-4791: add variable so theming knows what branding level was selected.

parent 1142c1de
......@@ -65,6 +65,9 @@ function uw_fdsu_theme_resp_preprocess_region(&$variables) {
// Get the region from variables.
$region = $variables['elements']['#region'];
// Variables that we want to have access to regardless of region.
$variables['branding_level'] = theme_get_setting('wcms_branding_level', 'uw_fdsu_theme_resp') ? theme_get_setting('wcms_branding_level', 'uw_fdsu_theme_resp') : 'full';
// If we are on the header, add the correct header classes
// TO DO: Store the colour scheme used for the theme
// (i.e. faculty colour and get the correct class here).
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