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Feature/istwcms 4619 m26lebla theme blog news events

I have added the functionality to open and close the filters when in smaller than large breakpoint. The animation is not complete.

The icons buttons were created using a new icon-button component it uses the icon component that calls the svg component and it's partials for the print of the icons. you pass the name of the svg to the _svg.twig and it builds the icon as inline svg - this will be used for the replacement of the font icons

Also for this to function correctly we needed a flag to be set when to use the tabs on the contacts view, so there was changes made to the theme and the contact module as well

uw_wcms_gesso: feature/ISTWCMS-4619-m26lebla-theme-blog-news-events

uw_fdsu_theme_resp: feature/ISTWCMS-4619-m26lebla-theme-blog-news-events

uw_ct_contact: feature/ISTWCMS-4619-m26lebla-theme-blog-news-events

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