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## Commands:
## Steps to run migrations locally
* `drush ms --group=uw` - display available UW migrations.
* `drush mim --group=uw --continue-on-failure` - run available UW migrations.
Migrations on Pantheon are done using [wcms-pantheon-scripts](
## Required configuration
1. Add to settings.php:
if (php_sapi_name() == 'cli') {
ini_set('memory_limit', '1024M');
// Configuration of database to store migration source.
$databases['migrate']['default'] = $databases['default']['default'];
$databases['migrate']['default']['database'] = 'migrate_source';
1) Files migration require the following data in settings.php file:
* `uw_migrate_source` represents the location of the source files.
This can be a local file directory containing the source site
(e.g. /var/www/docroot), or the site address (e.q.
* `uw_migrate_site_path` represents the path to the site directory relative
to Drupal root. Defaults to 'sites/default/files'.
// The location of the source files. Update with the URL of the source site:
$settings['uw_migrate_source'] = '';
// This can also be set to a path to migrate from a local site. This allows
migration of private files without configuring a login cookie.
$settings['uw_migrate_source'] = '/var/www/docroot';
// Update with file path of source site:
$settings['uw_migrate_site_path'] = 'sites/ca.example/files';
// Login to the source site as an admin user and put the login cookie here.
// Without this, private files will not migrate. Note that the cookie name does
// not change until the site is re-installed. The value changes with every login
// and you must use a current one.
$settings['uw_migrate_cookies'] = ['SSESSdcf053736230aae183b84256752dbde1' => 'mlTzHWV8pEEjuWEXFv6nj0njzfEEjqI9rny1Pt8fd6c'];
// Remote source supports public files only.
$settings['uw_migrate_source'] = '';
// Local directory source supports both public and private files.
$settings['uw_migrate_source'] = '/var/www/docroot';
$settings['uw_migrate_site_path'] = 'sites/ca.web-resources/files';
// Use session cookie (admin user) to download private files from remote server.
$settings['uw_migrate_cookies'] = ['SESS...' => 'hello'];
2. Create a migration source database and populate it from the database dump file.
1. Get the database dump file: Run the db_dump job in Jenkins or login to `wms-aux1` and as user `wcmsadmi` run `db-dump.php` from `uw_wcms_tools`. For the Pool, use "staging". Put the resulting `sqldump_filtered` file into your VM. The filename of this will be referred to as `SQL_DUMP_FILE`.
2. Create ~/.my.cnf with:
user = root
password = password
3. Run:
mysql --execute="DROP DATABASE IF EXISTS migrate_source; CREATE DATABASE migrate_source; GRANT ALL ON migrate_source.* TO 'drupal';"
mysql migrate_source < SQL_DUMP_FILE
I the above, `drupal` must be the database user that this site uses. In d4d, add ` -hmariadb` after `mysql`.
3. Run Drush commands using Drush 10:
drush en uw_migrate -y
drush mim --group=uw --continue-on-failure
In this example, the source site URL is
and the site path is sites/ca.web-resources/files.
4. Manually set the site name, colors, and other settings that do not get migrated.
## Commands
* `drush ms --group=uw`: Display available UW migrations.
* `drush mim --group=uw --continue-on-failure`: Run available UW migrations.
* `drush migrate:rollback --group=uw`: Undo a migration. This doesn't completely undo the migration. For a full test, you need to reinstall the site or restore to a database dump of the site before the migration.
* `drush mim uw_ct_site_footer --continue-on-failure`: Manually run one migration. This doesn't take into consideration dependencies.
* `php run-tests.php http://nginx --suppress-deprecations --module uw_migrate`: Run the tests in uw_migrate.
## Tips:
* `skip_on_empty` process plugin doesn't work correctly with multiple values.
## Tips
* `skip_on_empty` process plugin [doesn't work correctly with multiple values](
There is a workaround to use `single_value` plugin before `skip_on_empty`.
* By default, `changed` property will be overridden when the migration is
executed with `--update` flag (e.g. `drush mim uw_sidebar --update`).
`preserve_changed` module was enabled to avoid this behavior.
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