Commit 5efea35a authored by Eric Bremner's avatar Eric Bremner Committed by Kevin Paxman
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ISTWCMS-5032: adding catalog search component

parent 18283b77
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.uw-catalog-search {
.catalog-search-all-form {
position: relative;
input {
width: 100%;
.catalog-search-submit-wrapper {
display: block;
height: 2.3rem;
padding: 0;
position: absolute;
right: 0;
top: -.7rem;
width: 2.35rem;
z-index: 3;
&::after {
font-family: gesso-font-family(iconfont);
text-align: center;
.catalog-search-submit {
background-color: transparent;
border-left: solid 1px #4e4e4e;
text-indent: -9999rem;
<div class="uw-catalog-search">
{{ catalog_search }}
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