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ISTWCMS-5789 minor catch all bug/testing ticket for ohana

Martin Leblanc requested to merge feature/ISTWCMS-5789-m26lebla-test-ohana into 1.0.x


  • thinner teaser lines
  • lighter tags font
  • filters appearance
  • new color of buttons and details summary
  • buttons lower case
  • buttons updated auto width. no more 100% - max width
  • the spacing in layout builder ajax forms
  • the size of the input type select
  • the missing : on the label pattern - see opportunities challenge
  • spacing on opportunity card
  • line-height in menu horizontal ( typography ticket )
  • opportunity list block (missing layout builder template)
  • missing sidebar
  • service hours (missing layout builder template)
  • image sizing in teaser and banner
  • gmap
  • media
Edited by Martin Leblanc

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