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OBS Studio 17.0.0

General Changes:
* Added a replay buffer feature.  The replay buffer is available in just simple output mode (for now, will add it to advanced output mode later), and allows the user to create snapshot recordings (via hotkey) of a specific amount of time prior to triggering the hotkey.
* Added options to the output timer tool to start the output timers every time recording/streaming is started
* Added saturation and hue shift to color correction filter
* Added import/export options for scene collections and profiles
* Added the ability to copy and paste scene item transforms
* Increased maximum number of possible audio tracks to 6 (up from 4), allowing more advanced audio splitting
* Fixed a bug where semi-transparent images would not look right when filters were applied
* Fixed a bug where Y800 (grayscale) video devices would come out as red
* Fixed a freeze when reordering filters

Windows Changes:
* Added ability to capture windows store games (UWP programs)
* Added an experimental captions tool that uses Microsoft's speech-to-text to generate captions which can be displayed on stream when enabled (via closed caption options on the video player), generated via a selected audio source.  Note that captions may not be accurate, and the tool may not work with many languages (hence why it's labeled experimental).
* Fixed an issue where some DirectX 12 games wouldn't capture properly, or would capture at a poor framerate
* Fixed a bug where GDI+ text sources would not look right when filters were applied
* Fixed a bug where QSV wouldn't be usable on windows 7 with certain QSV-capable CPUs
* Fixed AMD Encoder compatibility with ReLive driver (16.12.1 and newer)
* Fixed multi-gpu support for AMD Encoder, the encoder is also no longer listed if no supported GPU is found
* The installer now creates a 64bit desktop link by default on 64bit versions of windows

Linux Changes:
* Fixed a X11-related memory leak in certain cases (causing memory to slowly continue to allocate memory until exhausted)