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OBS Studio 17.0.1

General Changes:
* Added support for decoding alpha webm files with the media source
* Fixed a bug where color correction stopped working with the OpenGL renderer
* Fixed a few bugs where scaling filter settings would not be preserved for sources in the output view when using studio mode
* Fixed a bug where under a specific circumstance you could add two scenes to each other as sources and cause infinite recursion, and thus crashing

Windows Changes:
* Updated the AMD AMF hardware encoder to the latest version
* Updated x264/FFmpeg to latest versions
* Fixed a bug with the browser source which would cause the program to sometimes hang on startup
* Fixed a bug with game capture freezing up when there's more than one game capture active at a time
* Fixed a bug where if window capture couldn't find the target window, it would use up an unusual amount of CPU
* Fixed a bug with game capture where the game capture source would have no size when rehooking