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OBS Studio 18.0.1

18.0.1 Hotfix Changes

* Fixed a number of bugs with the "Enable new network code" option in advanced settings on Windows, including high CPU usage, issues reconnecting, and issues with low latency mode not working as intended
* Fixed a few potential crashes with the AMD AMF encoder on Windows
* Fixed a few issues with VST plugin, such as VST save/load states and a crash when OBS is set to mono
* Fixed a bug where the audio monitoring device would always be set to default audio playback device when the program started up
* Finally fixed an issue with avermedia LGP and LGP-lite devices used directly with OBS where their audio would not play back correctly (the stream engine should no longer be needed to play back these devices)
* The program will no longer fail to start if you use command line parameters that aren't specific to OBS itself (i.e. command line parameters specific to the browser plugin)
* Sync offset will now work with audio monitoring on Windows when video is also present on that source

18.0 General Changes

* Added audio monitoring on Windows/OSX.  Audio monitoring allows the ability to listen to the audio of a source, and can be enabled via the advanced audio properties.  You can set it to monitor without outputting, or monitor and output.  The device used for monitoring can be changed in advanced settings
* Added an audio compressor filter
* Added a "Color" source which displays a solid color
* Added a VST audio filter for Windows/OSX.  Allows applying VST plugins (only up to version 2) to filter audio
* Added a network connection stability indicator similar to classic, displays green for no congestion, yellow for increasing congestion, to red for beginning to drop frames
* Added separate timers to the status bar for streaming and recording
* Added options to general settings: Always minimize to tray, save/restore projectors on startup/shutdown, and options to automatically start replay buffer
* Added command line options: --startreplaybuffer, --minimize-to-tray
* Added an option for ultrawide -> wide scaling distortion to the scaling filter
* Added an "Apply LUT" video filter, which allows applying a lookup table to modify a source's colors
* Added a warning message if starting stream/recording fails
* Added configurable GOP size to FFmpeg output
* Added a checkbox to custom FFmpeg output that allows using any codec with a container format (due to the fact that it can display fewer codecs than are typically compatible with certain containers, though note that it may fail if an incompatible codec is chosen)
* Fixed a bug where mixing visible/invisible sources would sometimes cause the audio of the visible sources to stop outputting
* Fixed a performance issue with audio meters that could cause audio latency to increase unintentionally, or cause issues with some devices
* Fixed issues resizing a source when the source is flipped horizontally/vertically
* Fixed a few potential crashes/freezes
* Fixed a potential crash with the browser source and updated to chromium 57
* Improved accessibility text on the main window
* Cleaned up the general pane of the settings dialog a bit

18.0 Windows-specific Changes

* Added an option to advanced settings to enable new experimental network code
* Added a "low latency mode" option to advanced settings which minimizes network impact caused to other programs on the computer (same as "Minimize network impact" in classic).  The new network code must be enabled to use
* Added an auto-updater for Windows
* Fixed an issue where Windows wouldn't show up in window lists (i.e. game capture or window capture) if using kaspersky
* Fixed an issue drawing certain chinese characters on the GDI+ text source
* Fixed an issue capturing theHunter: COTW
* Fixed a crash with the AMD AMF encoder

18.0 Linux-specific Changes

* Fixed a bug where main preview would not resize properly when window is resized