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OBS Studio 19.0.3

19.0.3 Hotfix Changes
* When an audio device in audio settings is changed to different device, all of its secondary settings are now preserved (volume, sync offset, downmix to mono, mixer, properties, filters).  Note that this does not apply if the audio device is disabled.
* Fixed an issue where Oculus Rift games wouldn't capture properly with game capture on Windows
* Fixed a case where the bandwidth test could potentially overestimate bandwidth in the auto-configuration tool
* Fixed an issue where remote video via the media source could have artifacting
* Fixed some cases where the media source wouldn't properly display the last frame when "Hide source when playback ends" is unchecked
* Fixed some cases where the media source could cause the program to freeze when using a remote video URL
* Fixed a design flaw where the stats window would reset all its values when opened for the first time